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deviant ID - Competition Swimsuit -CBBE Skyrim by chris1134567 deviant ID - Competition Swimsuit -CBBE Skyrim by chris1134567
About myself: My name is Christine, this account is my own personal space in wich i can represent my hidden fantasies and fetishes. I believe its healthy to keep our sexual fantasies on innocent and harmless representations like deviantart. I started searching for images  on this site, downloading and faving them annonimously but now that i (finally) have the resources i decided to create content and give it a name and an author. I created my character Nyria to satistfy that purpose, i wanted her to look like me, the Improved Skyrim Character Creator is easy to use but has too many customization options that i managed to get a physical aproximation with BodySlide and Outfit Studio, and of course: it will be evolving until i get the result i want. I was fortunate i got the hair correctly. I hope to represent other parts of my personality and desires with other characters. I am happy to have a virtual "me" doing things i really want to do but i can't do properly on RL.

My interests are focused on certain types of clothing that you can apreciate on my work. I believe i have a special atraction to these types of clothing thanks to some experiences i had on my childhood and adolescence that woke up my curiosity and motivated me to expand my knowledge of the subject and experiment with my own body in the privacy of my own room.

I chose Skyrim as the artstation of all my work because the parent seed is alread built, what i mean about this is that the game is already functional and lots of players are creating mods everyday, you feel like a god doing what you want on this pre-built world, the adult-content community is one of the most dedicated i have seen. Also, i was able to find on Nexus Mods (Skyrim's Mod Database for beginners) a great quantity of mods that suited my needs and desires that i hope you can apreciatte on my work. I hope i can contribute with content, using the tools other users provide to create something. All of my artworks, of course, are for my personal taste. I believe some people are meant to build the tools and some others (like me) are meant to create something with the tools. The freelancer's life gives a lot of time...

Are you Dom or Sub? I consider myself a submissive person, Nyria, my main character (pictured above), is a dominating woman that has clear objectives and knows what her want... something i am not. She is very different from me and that is why i really love this character because she represents the woman i want to be but i dont have the courage to become.

Why latex catsuits, bondage and BDSM? I believe women recieve a beautiful crafted body that, if we protect and maintain it correctly, can provide a lot of pleasure. The catch is that the body becomes a personal prison that torture us with hormonal changes, periods, emotional instability and a lot of things we can't control. Men dont have this, i guess that's why they are less emotional and can take better desitions in times of danger. Catsuits allow us to apreciatte the woman's body in one solid component. I guess i like bondage, self-bondage, because i experimented with my body when i was younger. BDSM must be taken carefully because its about a lifestyle, i dont practice it at all. I wish i could but i lack the responsability and stability to follow a schedule and the security to contact a person in real life. I have practiced webcam-based experiences but sometimes i need my own personal space.

Why competition swimsuits? I supose that everything started when i was 18 and the swimming team, including myself, was instructed to use competition swimsuits for an important national championship. People were excited for the championship, we didnt won anything at the end, but i remember there was a little internal problem because some of the girls felt unconfortable wearing the swimsuits. They had a small high-cut that its designed to provide flexibility and movement of the legs while swimming. To be honest i felt pretty good on it and i liked the idea of people watching me wearing it on every competition (even the pervs...), i used and abused of my team contacts to get a variety of swimsuits from Asics to Speedo. Maybe i like feeling something tight touching my skin? Maybe i like how my body looks wearing a swimsuit? I dont know what motivates me to it but at least i know how it started (i guess). I hope my work express what i cant explain.

Are you lesbian? Its obvious that my art shows women as the main focus but that doesn't mean my sexual orientation is also focused on that way. So, the answer is no. I like to observe, i love the artistic manifestation of the woman's body as it is.
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Sneaky-Rabbit Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
I find the bathing suit really great.
 And the background story is also really exciting. Wink/Razz 

Would be exciting to show your experiences in the swimming pool somehow in this way ... in a comic or something.
chris1134567 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017
thank you very much! :) 
well... sometimes people look at me thanks to my ackwardness of wearing competition swimsuits where you are supposed to wear a bikini or something girly. Also people tend to amaze themselves when you have a high-leg cut on your swimsuit (but your body almost covered) and dont care about a bikini that shows a LOOOOT of your skin... i dont understand
Sneaky-Rabbit Featured By Owner May 2, 2017
In my opinion a swimsuit is much more girly like than a bikini. :D
I´ve never seen a woman in a high-leg swimsuit but I bet could not stop to stare at her. :S
Even more if the swimsuit is wet. :O
chris1134567 Featured By Owner May 3, 2017
To be honest i think the same but i am always "the weird one", i think its more of a personal fetish. People like the see skin. Hahaha you would be a FUN individual to meet on swimsuit!!:giggle:
Sneaky-Rabbit Featured By Owner May 6, 2017
Well if you say it this way i blush like hell. Meow :3
RahByte Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thats a nice swimsuit. :)
And your backstory are interesting and exciting.
I hope there will be more pictures like this.
chris1134567 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016
Thank you very much for reading my words! :) I am very grateful for that!

I really liked this Japan Black&Cyan swimsuit because it makes my avatar more clean and innocent, i have a similar one but its not the one of the picture, the fact of "Japan" being printed on it kinda atracts me. I will upload more pictures like this one :) i have been working on my DECADENCE story series, you can start reading it here (what do you think about it?) wich feeds my bondage-oriented tastes, after i finish it i will focus on swimsuit images and then return to bondage and so on :)
jarvik2009 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016
I love the look of super tight swimsuits on women but even in general one piece suits are a better look for most women. It's just a more sleek look. :)
chris1134567 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016
I believe you said it exactly as it is: It gives a more sleek look wich i find fascinating for the innocence factor, a sleek woman is less probable to harm you because she knows how to control herself :) - oh and it shows the cuuuurves :'DD
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December 9, 2016
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